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A Fuller Faith

In the African country of Benin, animist religion intersects all parts of life. One mission team is working to help local Christians do […]


Breaking the Curse Documentary

Even after generations, a curse made out of desperation still haunts the Otammari people of Benin in Africa, convincing them they are destined […]


BREXIT and Prophecy

Details from the biblical book of Daniel continue to unfold before our eyes today. Find out what else we can learn about European […]


Back to Basics

On a hot July afternoon I climbed a steep path to Wartburg Castle, overlooking the town of Eisenach in Germany. People around me […]

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A Memorandum of Reformanda

Notice the Latin phrases that pepper the writings of the Protestant Reformation. Just as Roman Catholicism deemed it to be the lingua sacra […]

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Brushing and Flossing

Does dental health affect our overall health?

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The Fountain of Every Good

The sixteenth-century Reformation was the epicenter of profound changes. These changes were not caused by social or economic forces. The central issues were […]

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