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Navigating a Digital Life

Kids now search Google, YouTube, and a myriad of social networks to inform and educate themselves.

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Miss Azalea’s Funeral

All the time she was singing and loving us like we were real people who were worth something!

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Unwired Worship

I’ve been coming here to worship for more than half a century now. This place is as much a spiritual home to me […]

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Death at Creation

Was there death in the cosmos before the origin of sin? This is a question whose answer seems to be obvious, yet it […]

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Managing Technology

For the good of our health

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What Can We Do?

In helping our kids keep the balance in a digital world, lead by example

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Jesus in Bad Company

God was moving right in the heart of this secular student community!

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Our Stories Have Meaning

I am the only me in the universe. My unique story is the most excellent gift I have.

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