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Waiting 27 Years for a Church

For a long-time two-member congregation, the wait finally came to an end.

2 Min Read

The Welcoming Jesus

Jesus welcomes the imperfect of this world and heals them in the Temple.

4 Min Read

They Saw Us

I’ve found that being a greeter helps you play “matchmaker” in introducing capable people to ministries that need help.

2 Min Read

Uniquely His

Why is human life considered so valuable? Like the animals, we live, then die.

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The One-Kilometer Greeter

With a blast of broken-English he said, “Mister, at Seven-day Church
everyone has a job for the Lord—everyone.”

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An Untreated Cancer

Beyond being appalled by racism, we should humbly accept that we are not impervious to it.

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