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The Quest

This quest for God, this hunger for Him, this thirst for a deeper understanding of Him, results in a deeper love for Him.

3 Min Read

From Sewer to Serene

Maranatha dedicates a new school campus in India.

2 Min Read

Faith and Courage

“What do you believe? And why do you believe so?”

3 Min Read

Connect, Worship, Grow

Often, when we experience a
challenge in sharing or expressing our opinions or emotions, we tend to disconnect and, at times, disappear.

2 Min Read

A Learner Again

Sometimes God has to get me out of my comfort zone and to confront my fear in order to attain something valuable.

2 Min Read

Dream Big for God

God is still in the business of transforming dreams into reality.

2 Min Read

Growing a Legacy in India

How Maranatha Volunteers International is fortifying a strong educational tradition in the country.

4 Min Read

A Seeker of Truth

Here I was, face to face with a seeker of truth.

3 Min Read