The November Issue

Reach the World

Vol. 14, No. 11

During this special Week of Prayer, we will consider the most important, influential, and controversial book of all time: the Bible.

Week of Prayer Readings for Adults


The Importance of God’s Word

By Ted N. C. Wilson

First Sabbath

Why Scripture?

Building faith on the sure Word of God

By Ted N. C. Wilson


The Supreme Authority

Inspired counsel is relevant today as when it was written

By Alejandro Medina Villarreal


How to Read the Word

“Did not our hearts burn within us . . . while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

By FĂ©lix H. Cortez


Scripture Makes the Difference

How can we know God, unless we know His story in the Bible?

By Karen Holford


Behold! The Lamb of God

Christ is revealed in both Old and New Testaments

By David Thomas


Inspiring Hope in a Hopeless World

The sufferings of this world are nothing compared with its future glory.

By Keldie Paroschi


Discerning Right From Wrong

Students of Scripture know how to make wise decisions.

By Vanderlei Dorneles da Silva

Second Sabbath

The Importance of Scripture for the End Times

Staying grounded in Scripture is essential for staying Christian.

By Ellen G. White

The November Issue