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Fasting and Prayer for Witnessing

Ted Wilson: Greetings, friends. From time to time in our weekly video messages, you have heard me talk about the three angels’ messages recorded […]

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The Greatest Reunion

Have you ever been to a reunion–perhaps a family reunion, or a class reunion, or a church reunion? Reunions are great times to […]

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Strengthening Marriages Through Prayer

Ted Wilson: Greetings, friends. I hope you have had a wonderful week and have been especially blessed during this special Family Togetherness Week of […]

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Protecting Our Minds From Pornography

Ted Wislon : Greetings, friends. Today we have a very serious and delicate topic to discuss with you, and I am glad that my […]

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Reaching People in the Cities

Greetings, friends. Recently, Nancy and I had the privilege of going on a very special mission to New York City. We were invited […]

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How Can We Promote Religious Liberty?

Greetings, friends. Today we are going to consider a very important topic–that of religious liberty and freedom of conscience, for you see religious […]

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On What Is Your Faith Based?

Hello, friends. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Seeing is believing,” but can we really base our beliefs on what we see? For example, […]

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How Can You Be Like Daniel?

President of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, Ted N.C. Wilson and his wife Nancy reflect on the life of Daniel ahead of Children’s […]

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Safety in the Storm

Greetings, friends. Have you ever been in a storm where the wind is howling, the lightning flashing, and the thunder crashing? It can […]

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The Hope of the Resurrection

Hello, friends. Today in our brief time together I would like to focus on the wonderful hope that we have in Jesus. As […]

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Heart Like Jesus

How Can We Learn to Love a Broken World?

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