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There is a holy grip in grace that outlasts our worst sins and our best deeds.

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Protection and Respect

She pounds the maize with her grandmother’s wooden pestle, worn smooth from the grip of decades. Fine ground meal collects in the bottom […]

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The Heart of God’s Plan

But what are they among so many?” (John 6:9). It was the question asked when five barley loaves and two small fish were […]

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Fighting Genetics

Is it a losing battle?

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A PNG Christmas

“I now understand what ‘loveable’ means,” one of the young people proclaimed. “It means forgetting myself and diving deep into the needs of someone else.”

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“What Are They Among So Many?”

We finally find Shanifa* standing by the statue waiting for us in Bourj Hammoud, a poor, crowded suburb in Beirut, Lebanon. We have […]

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Francisco H. Ramos Mejía

People of diverse cultural backgrounds may reach the distinctive tenets of Seventh-day Adventism directly from the Bible.

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When God Called Dorcas to Do Something Big

Eleven-year-old Dorcas from Papua New Guinea attended children’s Bible camp in a town almost two hours from her home. She loved the crafts […]

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Law and Law

What is the meaning of the phrase “the law of Christ”?

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