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Why You Matter

Wonder why you are here? 
Because you can make a difference.

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Activated Charcoal

Is it a good detox agent?

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14th + U for You

Interested in current events, relevant news, and a dose of spirituality?

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Until He Comes

There is an irony, both sweet and sad, in the fact that millions of Seventh-day Adventists around the globe will note the 175th […]

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On Dry Land

At least 10 times. That’s about how many times the Bible refers to the three incidents in which people crossed through rivers or […]

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Hot Pursuit

No matter how far or fast we may run from Him, He still pursues us.

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50 Years of Mission

Maranatha celebrates five decades of construction, service, and changing lives.

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Better to Be Ready

The following sermon* was preached by William Miller in 1842. The language clearly exhibits traits of the nineteenth century; the ideas, however, are solidly biblical, timeless, and echo both urgency and passion.—Editors

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