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The End of Blindness

In Ethiopia, one doctor goes around changing lives for good.

2 Min Read

The Demon of Unkindness

Something has been infecting us lately, and it isn’t COVID-19.

3 Min Read

Keep Calm and Trust God

As we commence this new year, let us remember that God is powerful to see us through.

2 Min Read

Could He Be Right?

Are we closer to the Savior this New Year than last New Year?

3 Min Read

Tuned to God’s Call

Former King’s Heralds singer Mark Ringwelski shares how he keeps moving where the Lord leads.

5 Min Read

Hope in the Face of Divorce—Part 1

After 10 years of marriage my husband just asked for a divorce. We disagree about almost everything we speak about. As a Christian, […]

3 Min Read