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Zijie Hong

Generous Adventist Pioneer

3 Min Read

From Rush to Rest

Sabbath is a wholesome experience of reconnecting with the Maker, reconnecting with our identity, purpose and the hope we hold on to.

2 Min Read

He Is Not Here!

Ready to join the community of those who long for what they still lack?

4 Min Read

Paybacks of Sleep

Even dim light entering the eye at night will disrupt the daily rhythm and inhibit the secretion of melatonin.

4 Min Read

Let’s Get Moving!

Every time you exercise, you’re “medicating” your body.

5 Min Read

The Joy of Flight

“What if I decide that my airplane doesn’t need a vertical tail?”

2 Min Read

Linked with God at Dawn

An Adventist chaplain shares one of his most moving experiences on the job.

4 Min Read

A Mission of Service and Love in Togo

Two volunteer students from Chile share about their missionary adventure in Africa.

3 Min Read