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Adventist Record Turns 125

In the South Pacific Division, many things have changed but mission has not, current editor says.

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‘We All Need a Miracle of Healing’

An Adventist chaplain in the army of the Czech Republic discusses his job as a ministry.

4 Min Read

When the Lions Came

Pastor Anderson begged, cajoled, argued, and even offered to pay extra. Nothing changed the captain’s mind.

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Pig Valve Implants

Are they appropriate for Adventists?

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666 as Blessing — 666 as God’s People?

End-time Babylon would claim to be an expression of divine blessing and a manifestation of God’s obedient people, when in fact it is a distorted imperfection of both by not subjecting itself to God’s law, as demonstrated by the emphasis on the mark of the beast and the number 666 as a counterfeit to the seal of God.

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How to Read Ellen White’s Writings Today

Most students who applied this way of approaching Ellen White have testified that it revolutionized their perception of her as a person, her ministry, and her writings.

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