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A Heart for Little Ones

Jim and Janice Clark share their experience as certified foster parents in Canada.

2 Min Read

Adventist Record Turns 125

In the South Pacific Division, many things have changed but mission has not, current editor says.

3 Min Read

How to Read Ellen White’s Writings Today

Most students who applied this way of approaching Ellen White have testified that it revolutionized their perception of her as a person, her ministry, and her writings.

5 Min Read

Groundhog Day

Knowing and understanding the future has been an ever-present goal for fallen humans.

2 Min Read

Changing Lives, One Patient at a Time

Hospital ministry in Bacolod, Philippines, highlights the key role of prayer.

3 Min Read

Mingling Missionaries

The more they looked for ways to bless others, the more opportunities came their way.

3 Min Read

What Shall We Eat?

Not worrying doesn’t mean not doing your part. It means not worrying.

3 Min Read

Forever Cheerleaders

What would my home church say when they found out I was pregnant out of wedlock?

4 Min Read

Barefoot Dreamers

Never laugh at a kid’s dreams.

3 Min Read

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Growing up the son of an evangelist, for me, evangelism wasn’t optional.

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‘O Come Let Us Adore Him’

Don’t let the noise of our troubled century drown out the angel song: “Unto us a child is born.”

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