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A More Abundant Life

Happy New Year, friends! Everyone likes to have a new beginning—especially after experiencing such challenges as we faced in 2020! And while we […]

4 Min Read

Christ’s Righteousness

Hello, friends.  Today in our brief time together I would like to share with you some thoughts on a topic we will be […]

6 Min Read

“The Least of These”

​Hello, friends.  Today in our short video time together we will be considering a very interesting and serious passage that gives us a […]

4 Min Read

Certainty in an Uncertain World

Greetings, friends! You know, when we started these weekly video messages some time ago, COVID-19 was just starting to affect our lives and […]

4 Min Read

God’s Sure Word

Greetings, Friends! Today in our brief time together we will be taking a look at a very important topic—the Word of God. The […]

3 Min Read

Get Ready! Jesus is Coming Soon

Greetings, Friends. As you know, we are living in very strange and unusual times. During these last several months we have seen crises […]

4 Min Read

The Importance of Sabbath School

G​reetings, Friends! I hope you have had a wonderful week. And now, as the week draws to a close, we have the Sabbath […]

3 Min Read

Dealing with Disappointments

Greetings, friends! I hope that you have had a blessed week, sensing the Lord’s presence with you as you have connected with Him […]

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