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Two or One Message

Jesus died for both Jews and Gentiles

2 Min Read

He Did It

When a new path is being opened, unexpected obstacles are inevitable.

4 Min Read

Reality Check

Our hope comes from God

2 Min Read

To the Whole World

The story of a breathtaking assignment and an incredible God

10 Min Read

Lessons Learned

What can happen when the Bible is misread and people’s freedoms are abused

4 Min Read

Is Science Alone Our Guide?

I have heard that science has become our main health guide, replacing the Adventist health message. Is this true?

2 Min Read

A Psalm of Praise

I’ve never been this close to a wild animal!

4 Min Read

Completing Christ’s Sufferings

What does Paul mean when he says that in his sufferings he was filling up “what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ” (Col. 1:24)?

2 Min Read