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Furniture With a Message

What is the significance of the different articles of furniture found in the Israelites’ desert tabernacle?

2 Min Read

Survivor Stories

Survivors of abuse within Adventist environments share their stories.

5 Min Read

A More Special Sabbath

A one-day celebration of both Creation and redemption

2 Min Read

Creating an Introvert-friendly Church

The common factor for all introverts is that we expend energy in contact with people and need quiet time alone to regain that energy.

2 Min Read

The Blocked Call

Pastor Tana prayed, asked again, argued, prayed more, asked more clearly, and still the soldiers refused.

4 Min Read

Finding My Safe Place

There is an old and unshakable connection between what is “holy” and what is “safe.” From the biblical era to the modern age, […]

2 Min Read

Supplements: Are They Needed?

I have a friend who has been on a health camp and has returned with many bottles of supplements. I am 40 years […]

3 Min Read