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The Lunchbox

We were made for more.

3 Min Read

Two by Two

We can start doing so by following His method and going two by two.

2 Min Read

What Happens in Las Vegas

“I had to find the wallet. It had US$300 in it, and all my credit cards! I had to find it!….”

4 Min Read

Three Angels Unleashed

Laypeople and leaders team up in an unprecedented project to educate Adventists about the three angels’ messages.

14 Min Read

When Fire Falls

Those who taste of Pentecost won’t willingly go back to sameness, grayness, and things just as they were.

2 Min Read

The Power of Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” goes the childhood nursery rhyme. But as we all know, […]

3 Min Read