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Three Angels Unleashed

Laypeople and leaders team up in an unprecedented project to educate Adventists about the three angels’ messages.

14 Min Read

Faith and Economics

World Bank International Development Association [IDA] director talks with AW about service, faith, and life.

5 Min Read

Innocent Fun?

What Christians should know about Halloween

4 Min Read

Us and Us

Sometimes we can help; sometimes we need help.

4 Min Read

By Our Love

Don’t miss this sermon, shared last Sabbath in a racially and ethnically diverse Adventist congregation.

6 Min Read

The Gospel Defeats Racism

For Peter and for us in the present day, the Spirit of Jesus roots out the sin of prejudice.

6 Min Read

The Great Equalizer

The world is learning what the vulnerable have always known: there is no hope without education.

4 Min Read

The Power of Strategy

I Will Go is the 2020-2025 strategic plan of the world church.

2 Min Read