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Through the Fire

Is there joy to be found in every situation?

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Looking Forward and Beyond

Joy” is a short word that nevertheless encompasses a rich trove of experiences. Joy activates our whole being. We start glowing from the […]

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The Basic Melody of Joy

There is no joy in pain. No joy in suffering. No joy in hardship. Paul writes a lot about joy in his letter […]

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God Is My Strength

He readily gave me peace, a peace that passes all understanding.

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God’s Megaphone

If you are looking for a story about miracles, this isn’t it. If you are looking for a quick fix to problems, there […]

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Rooted In Faith

When I hear the phrase “rooted in faith,” I think of Mike. The most athletic and committed student on the university track and […]

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I recently attended a Teeks (Auckland native singer) concert at the Auckland Town Hall. The song that spoke to me the most was […]

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Joy in the Face of Loss

We live in a world in which joy seems hard to find. Faced with pain, loss, or even genocide, where can we find […]

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Jesus Called Them

The process of going from followers to disciples

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