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Learning From the Master

Jesus cared deeply for His mother. At death He still made sure His mother was provided for.

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A Remnant Chosen by Grace

God provided in Jesus the solution that both the remnant and the nations needed.

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Jonah’s Fishing Campaign

The story of Jonah is one chapter in the larger narrative of the Triune God’s mission for humanity.

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Faithful to His Word

The Reformation of the sixteenth century was first and foremost a hermeneutical reformation.

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Marrying Medicine and Technology

Allan Das is an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur. He and his team at Hummingtec in Pune, India, are developing MedBox, a device that […]

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Organic Witnessing

My father-in-law and future business partner, Stan Smith, shook his head in disbelief. “You’re kidding, right?” He looked at his director of procurement, […]

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