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The Little Things

Have you ever wondered if God cares about the little things in your life? What about an animal’s life?

2 Min Read

Denise’s Leftovers

Tell your pastor to come get his cross. It’s blocking my driveway.

4 Min Read

Amelia and Baby Jesus

What are some things you want Jesus to help you with this year?

2 Min Read

God’s Jeep

“Dig here,” the man said. Everyone went to work.

4 Min Read

A Journey to Faith

Some journeys are more challenging than others.

4 Min Read

Do It Now. Hurry!

“Dad says he is going to kill them the next time he sees them; and you know Dad!”

3 Min Read

Gifts We Can’t See

What if there are gifts all around us but we don’t notice them?

2 Min Read

The Spring in the Tank

You’ve been asking just for rain, demanding that He do things your way. What if He has a better idea?

4 Min Read

Why You Matter

Wonder why you are here? 
Because you can make a difference.

2 Min Read

50 Years of Mission

Maranatha celebrates five decades of construction, service, and changing lives.

5 Min Read