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The Spring in the Tank

You’ve been asking just for rain, demanding that He do things your way. What if He has a better idea?

4 Min Read

Why You Matter

Wonder why you are here? 
Because you can make a difference.

2 Min Read

50 Years of Mission

Maranatha celebrates five decades of construction, service, and changing lives.

5 Min Read

Environmental Truths

Below our deepest hurt and darkest shame, there is the grace of God—forgiving us, rebuilding us, repairing all that’s broken. Above our highest […]


A More Special Sabbath

A one-day celebration of both Creation and redemption

2 Min Read

The Blocked Call

Pastor Tana prayed, asked again, argued, prayed more, asked more clearly, and still the soldiers refused.

4 Min Read

Upending Our Economy

God’s family is founded on His gift of grace, not on our faithfulness or service.


Untiring Grace

Grace always knocks at shut doors, closed hearts, and frozen lives.


Needed: One Cross

Tell your pastor to come get his cross. It’s blocking my driveway.

4 Min Read