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Engaged to be Engaged?

Should I get premarital counseling before getting engaged? One of my grad school friends recently shared with me that she went to a […]

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Should you click the share button or not?

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Getting Back on Track

Why some young men stay in
the church and not others

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God’s Flying Tire

Within no time scores of people from the area rushed to the vehicle to try to rescue us.

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The Do-Good Box

…one of the best things you can do to feel better is to do something good for someone else.

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Dream A Little. Dig A Lot.

If God is not at the forefront of everything we want to do, then we are building on sinking sand.

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What Happens in Las Vegas

“I had to find the wallet. It had US$300 in it, and all my credit cards! I had to find it!….”

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