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Not seeing, yet believing

3 Min Read

Joy in Trials

A health scare serves as a reminder to daily dedicate oneself to God.

3 Min Read

Where He Sends Me, I Will Go

I had wondered often about Abraham. How did he do it? How did he just leave everything and everyone
he knew and go to a foreign land where God called him to go?

2 Min Read

Two Callings From God

I saw God working and opening doors for me to also grow professionally.

2 Min Read

We Serve a Great Healer

I am so grateful to have witnessed God’s healing power in the life of one of our dear relatives.

2 Min Read

My Room

“Let me show you Jesus.” The stranger knelt beside the checkerboard, pulled a book from his pack, opened it, and read.

4 Min Read

Puzzle It Out

Jesus is always there to help us put the pieces together, line them up, and make them work. He’s the Ultimate Puzzle Solver!

2 Min Read

To Be Continued . . .

Our lives and witness offer the continuation of the cosmic conflict, adding a small piece to the puzzle.

2 Min Read