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Trial by Fire

How does one make sense of a disaster of this scale? How does one begin to put the pieces back together?

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Savka’s Book

That day Fadora decided to become a heretic with Savka.

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Practicing Grace

We learn the patterns of the Jesus life—not all at once, but with increasing Spirit-skill.


Sing a New Song

Christian songs are powerful ways to convey and teach the truth.

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Joel’s Dream

Ask for dirt, and it shall be given to you.

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Baptize Us Anew

Leave your sins and all your merits, held by grace and grace alone.


The Rising Song

A song of love and grace will be the anthem of the future.


Trusting Grace

Grace teaches us to trust, and “trust” is yet another word for “faith.”


The Spanish Prayer

You ought to go as a student missionary.” The voice was that of my campus pastor at the La Sierra campus of Loma […]

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Loving Deeper

Did you know that many people are lonely? Even in the middle of a crowd, or with lots of friends, they still feel […]

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