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Zijie Hong

Generous Adventist Pioneer

3 Min Read

The Heavy Black Box

“This, sir, is a portable dental clinic that we’ll be using to deliver free dental care in remote communities around your country.”

4 Min Read

God and Marvin

“Why would God care about sticky labels?”

4 Min Read

Taught by a Kid Just Like You!

“youthful talent, well organized and well trained, is needed in our churches. The youth will do something with their overflowing energies.”

2 Min Read

When Mother Prays

“When I need somebody prayed for, I call Leslie. When she prays, God listens.” —Pastor Reginald Richardson

4 Min Read

“The Church Is Sinking!”

“It’s our church,” they said, “but it’s a big pink church that’s tilting and sinking.”

4 Min Read

Lessons From Luther the Lab

It is important to be kind to animals, as they are creatures created by God. They have feelings too.

2 Min Read