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Practicing Grace

We learn the patterns of the Jesus life—not all at once, but with increasing Spirit-skill.

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Sing a New Song

Christian songs are powerful ways to convey and teach the truth.

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Joel’s Dream

Ask for dirt, and it shall be given to you.

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Baptize Us Anew

Leave your sins and all your merits, held by grace and grace alone.

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The Rising Song

A song of love and grace will be the anthem of the future.

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Trusting Grace

Grace teaches us to trust, and “trust” is yet another word for “faith.”

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The Spanish Prayer

You ought to go as a student missionary.” The voice was that of my campus pastor at the La Sierra campus of Loma […]

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Loving Deeper

Did you know that many people are lonely? Even in the middle of a crowd, or with lots of friends, they still feel […]

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Morning Has Broken

A new day dawns in which forgiveness warms and brightens all we know.

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