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Resilience on the Rise

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it”

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Dream Big for God

God is still in the business of transforming dreams into reality.

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So Many Acronyms

Why such an emphasis on health?

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Faithful Listening to the Word

Before I learned to read the Word—before my childish eyes and mind had discovered how to decipher printed codes upon a page—I knew […]

2 Min Read

Life Lessons

Happy New Year! This is the time people all around the world are making resolutions.

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Should it be eliminated from our diets?

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Jesus in the Center

We have had enough of margins, always circling, Rarely reaching to the core. We are worn with endless shuffling, half asleep, Our boots […]

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Breast Cancer

How can I reduce risk?

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Activated Charcoal

Is it a good detox agent?

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14th + U for You

Interested in current events, relevant news, and a dose of spirituality?

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