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“In These Last Days”

How do we make friends and influence people regarding who Seventh­-day Adventists are and what they believe?

7 Min Read

Pig Valve Implants

Are they appropriate for Adventists?

2 Min Read

How to Read Ellen White’s Writings Today

Most students who applied this way of approaching Ellen White have testified that it revolutionized their perception of her as a person, her ministry, and her writings.

5 Min Read

We Will Rise Again

We had given him all the latest treatments available in our part of the African continent—without any success.

3 Min Read

Groundhog Day

Knowing and understanding the future has been an ever-present goal for fallen humans.

2 Min Read

The Teacher of Teachings

Today’s postmodernity veers away from the teachings of Jesus to the person of Jesus. But if one removes His teachings, what remains of Jesus’ person and ministry?

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Emmaus Burning

It is the hope and prayer of this new executive editor to provide more Emmaus burning experiences through the printed page, both in individual issues and on the road ahead.

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