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Welcome to the “Days of Noah”

The coming of the Lord is the salvation to which we look forward in unabashed anticipation of eternal life.

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Healthy Churches, Healthy Mission

“Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor […]

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Her passion and dedication to nurture children were contagious.

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Keep Pressing On

The first step in finishing the work is actually going to work.

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Unwired Worship

I’ve been coming here to worship for more than half a century now. This place is as much a spiritual home to me […]

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Managing Technology

For the good of our health

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Jesus in Bad Company

God was moving right in the heart of this secular student community!

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Our Stories Have Meaning

I am the only me in the universe. My unique story is the most excellent gift I have.

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Child Needing Shelter

We are on the other side of the season when most Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Perhaps it is the time to […]

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Thanks, Andy

The audience was mesmerised. Their eyes were fixed in breathless appreciation on the musicians at the front of the room as the pianist […]

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They Still Leave

And we seem to take these numbers in stride.

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