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The Ministry of Waiting

At 2:00 a.m., the conversation in the waiting room of the hospital intensive care unit always lags. There is nothing more to say. […]

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Happy Mother’s Day! Really?

Many places around the globe remember and honor mothers this month. Naturally, it’s big business vying for more sales as the media remind […]

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Of Growth and Glory

In a lifetime spent listening to sermons from Adventist pulpits and preaching from Adventist pulpits, I’ve yet to hear one sermon—even one of […]

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Hidden Treasures

We all can find a pot and time to put seeds in the soil, water those seeds, and watch a miracle take place in front of us.

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The Silent Listener

In the silent spells God whispered to me that I must learn to be faithful even when I didn’t see immediate results.

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Issues of the Heart

What causes inflammation and excess fluid to surround the heart? And what is the treatment? Her beautiful brown eyes were filled with fear […]

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Adventists and Ecology

An Adventist perspective as people around the world reflect on our planet

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Making History

What we learned in history class shaped our vision of our lives more than we ever understood. As commonly taught in most cultures […]

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Honey and Sandals

No matter the distance of our journey, it’s crucial that we embark on it.

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No Matter the Cost

When mission service meant leaving everything familiar.

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