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Restoration in the Maple Grove

Just a week before Christmas 1866, James White, weakened from a stroke he had suffered just 16 months before, was not recovering the […]

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“More Detail, Please!”

I teach health subjects at the senior academy level. I have personally enjoyed the World Health column over the years and have even […]

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Raising Responsible Kids

The more patience you exercise while communicating with your children, the more deposits you will make in their emotional bank accounts.

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Are You Really a Seven-day Adventist?

Hello, this is your church pastor speaking. You have been nominated to be our assistant youth leader.” I froze. How was a 23-year-old […]

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Above All

Forty years ago, on the first Friday night I ever spent in Paris, I wrote these lines from the third floor of a […]

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Heart Disease

Should young people be concerned?

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The Homeless Are People Too

Look at the size of the crowd!” My heart sank as our van pulled up. “Do we have enough sandwiches for all these […]

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Wedding-and Welding-Wisdom

On a January day 36 years ago my wife and I were settling into our schedules again after a delightful Christmastime honeymoon. At […]

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They Knew Jesus—I Do Too

If you ask my neighbors about the history of our small town, they will probably tell you that you can trace its history […]

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