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A Gift for Building People

Not all God’s gifts are trumpet blasts. Sometimes the low, sweet melodies are what we need.

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See God at Work

We might have returned more sunburned and a few pounds lighter, but we were enriched by the experience.

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Do they usually indicate Parkinson’s disease?

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Going About Our Father’s Business

Combining passion and planning, mission and members, Seventh-day Adventists came together to reach their communities for Christ.

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Game Over!

In a small way, God reminded me that we are all currently living our last life, without any spares in our bag.

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Support Your Minister

Pastor, teacher, doctor, nurse . . . For most of the first 125 years of this movement, these important helping professions—each one a […]

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Emotional Health

Is it part of the Adventist health message?

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Words That Hurt, Words That Heal

Being misunderstood is an awful experience, especially if you are a teenager and the person doing the misunderstanding is your parent.

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Let the Children Come to Me

Children raced down the hallway, chattering excitedly on their way to find the rooms hosting crafts for their age groups. They dodged past […]

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Use AW and AR—together—to fortify your life as a modern-day Adventist

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God’s Enduring Gift of Prophecy

After the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the gift of prophecy became an important means of communication between […]

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