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Use AW and AR—together—to fortify your life as a modern-day Adventist

3 Min Read

God’s Enduring Gift of Prophecy

After the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the gift of prophecy became an important means of communication between […]

4 Min Read

Living Healthfully

Does it also affect emotions?

2 Min Read

The Fifth Door

I remember my prayer that morning: “God, please help me find the people who need You the most, and show me someone I […]

2 Min Read

Simply Surrender

The skies darkened almost instantly; the last orange rays of the sun disappeared behind gigantic gray clouds. Cold winds and rain forced us […]

2 Min Read

What’s in a Letter?

The Ellen G. White Estate currently has more than 5,000 letters written by Ellen White. This letter from Ellen White to Abram and […]

6 Min Read

Restoration in the Maple Grove

Just a week before Christmas 1866, James White, weakened from a stroke he had suffered just 16 months before, was not recovering the […]

4 Min Read

“More Detail, Please!”

I teach health subjects at the senior academy level. I have personally enjoyed the World Health column over the years and have even […]

2 Min Read

Raising Responsible Kids

The more patience you exercise while communicating with your children, the more deposits you will make in their emotional bank accounts.

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