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The Two Ellen Whites – Which one do you know?

Tonight I watched the film Tell the World with my church family. Afterward everyone, including me, shared their thoughts and reactions—amid a sudden […]

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Engage – Getting Political?

By: Nathan Brown When I have opportunities to talk about the Bible’s call to “do justice” in our world, there is often a […]

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We Shall See Him As He Is

By Ellen G. White The voice of God had been heard at the baptism of Jesus at the beginning of His ministry, and […]

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Why Does Doing Right Seem So Hard?

Have you ever wondered why doing right sometimes seems so hard? Have you ever struggled knowing what you ought to do, but failing […]

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Experiencing the Power to Obey

From the beginning of time, loving obedience has always been a test of loyalty to God. Lucifer led one third of the angels […]

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