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Tearing Down Walls

The church was never meant to be self-centered. It was never meant to be an elite club of people who seldom venture out.

4 Min Read

Wind or Spirit?

I found a Bible translation that instead of reading “the Spirit of God” in Genesis 1:2, it says “a mighty wind.” Is this a correct translation?

2 Min Read

The Lens of Glory

We truly see each other only when we look at Him.

4 Min Read

Light, Salt, and Water

The following devotional describes some object lessons offered by a physicist engaging both science and the Word.

4 Min Read

Scripture: Its Beginnings

Although Ellen White died more than 100 years ago, she wrote for people of her time as well as for future generations.

3 Min Read

Life Without Sin?

Is 1 John 3:9 teaching that before the Second Coming we are expected to reach a spiritual condition of sinless perfection in which we no longer sin?

2 Min Read

Jonah: The Sequel

Jonah is a household name in the three main monotheistic faiths.

2 Min Read