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A Prophet’s Strange Behavior

Probably the main focus of the story is to show that only God can give life to the dead.

2 Min Read

Back to the Altar

Might the altar be the antidote to our frazzled minds and restless hearts?

4 Min Read

Devoted For Life

In the extravagance of her sacrifice Jesus saw the love of heaven poured out.

6 Min Read

Teeth and Eschatology

What is the meaning of “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”?

2 Min Read

He Is Not Here!

Ready to join the community of those who long for what they still lack?

4 Min Read

Rest Without Worship?

A Sundaykeeper told me that since in the Bible the Sabbath was a day of rest, not of worship, the Sabbath found its fulfillment in our rest of grace in Christ, making it unnecessary to keep it today. Is this argument biblically correct?

3 Min Read