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Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Why does “the fear of the Lord” appear so often in the Bible?

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On Dry Land

At least 10 times. That’s about how many times the Bible refers to the three incidents in which people crossed through rivers or […]

3 Min Read

Furniture With a Message

What is the significance of the different articles of furniture found in the Israelites’ desert tabernacle?

2 Min Read

Questions and Answers

Why did God ask Job so many questions at the end of the book of Job?

2 Min Read

Money or Life

When God says “choose!” He means “live!” The options He presents are of eternal consequence. A right decision here demands the engagement of all our mind and will.

4 Min Read

The Center of Gravity

The utterly unexpected, unthinkable, and unchangeable was occurring right in front of their eyes. Heavily armed Babylonian soldiers, fiercely set on destruction, forced […]

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Ellen White: Then and Now

Although Ellen White died more than 100 years ago, she wrote for people of her time as well as for future generations.

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