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Are You the One?

Perhaps you’ve heard of discouragement.

4 Min Read

Living Without an Intercessor

“Our salvation is not our own doing but the result of the sacrifice of Christ.”

4 Min Read

Lonely or Alone?

Learning to hang on to the God who loves us

4 Min Read

Keeping the Faith of Jesus

What does the phrase they “keep . . . the faith of Jesus” mean in Revelation 14:12?

3 Min Read

Prayer 101

Relearning the art of prayer

4 Min Read

Your Conscience

What is the conscience, and what is its purpose?

3 Min Read

Alive Again

Resurrection power: Jesus wields it as He wills

3 Min Read

A Hallelujah!

Accepting the mystery of grace

5 Min Read

Resurrection and the Second Coming

What does Paul mean when in 1 Thessalonians 4:14 he says that at the second coming of Christ those who have fallen asleep will come with Him?

2 Min Read