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Money or Life

When God says “choose!” He means “live!” The options He presents are of eternal consequence. A right decision here demands the engagement of all our mind and will.

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The Center of Gravity

The utterly unexpected, unthinkable, and unchangeable was occurring right in front of their eyes. Heavily armed Babylonian soldiers, fiercely set on destruction, forced […]

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Ellen White: Then and Now

Although Ellen White died more than 100 years ago, she wrote for people of her time as well as for future generations.

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God’s Divine Purpose

Why did God choose the nation of Israel, and not another? This is an area of biblical study in which the Bible provides […]

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Unique in Every Way

Can God be seen, or is He by nature invisible? My first reaction to this question was to ignore it, mainly because it […]

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An Inestimable Gift

The church needs special direction from the Lord as the culmination of history draws near.

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The Lord Is Risen

Christ’s resurrection is a preview of His return.

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Death by Fire?

The Bible says that in some capital cases the person was to be executed by fire. Is this not cruel? The Israelite legal […]

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