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Healing Family Gatherings

Last Christmas we had dinner at the home of a relative. To enjoy the occasion to the fullest, my wife, our children, and […]

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6 + 1

When God’s rhythm becomes our rhythm

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The Fountain of Every Good

The sixteenth-century Reformation was the epicenter of profound changes. These changes were not caused by social or economic forces. The central issues were […]

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The Sanctuary: Above and Beyond

The following interview-style conversation between the husband-wife team Sylvia and Werner Renz connects one of the key Reformation-era discoveries, “righteousness by faith alone,” […]

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Incomparable Christ

Jesus is divine. He exists from eternity (John 8:58). He never had a beginning, and will never have an ending. He is from […]

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Strangers and Pilgrims

Q: I rarely hear references to believers as pilgrims in this world. Was that not a good biblical image?   It’s always been […]

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Were Waldensians Sabbath-keepers?

Seventh-day Adventists have traditionally held a special affinity for the Waldensians, who, during a time of religious oppression, preserved and shared the Scriptures […]

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Like a Tomato Seed

By mid-afternoon, much of Jose’s garden is shaded by its large banana trees. An occasional breath of breeze from the nearby river bed […]

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