Real Family Talk-Is It Over?

God promised, “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly” (Ps. 84:11).

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Real Family Talk:Proactive Conversation

More important than what your spouse does or says is your ability to decide to respond proactivly.

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Real Family Talk

We have never experienced a couple growing happier in their relationship because of the unsolicited help of a family member.

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Real Family Talk – When Is the Right Time?

I am 22, in my final year of university. I recently met a 20-year-old young woman who is two years behind me, pursuing […]

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Real Family Talk – Differences: Obstacles or Opportunities?

I am in love with a young man from a different country, of a different race, and with many different traditions than mine. […]

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Real Family Talk – In Search of Peace and Quiet

My wife and I have been married for almost nine years. We have three beautiful children who are driving us crazy. I work […]

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Real Family Talk – Leaving a Bad Marriage

My marriage has not been going well for a long time. In fact, I don’t love my husband anymore. Although we’ve been married […]

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Real Family Talk – Don’t Go to Bed Angry?

Since you’re not supposed to “let the sun go down while you are still angry” (Eph. 4:26), how do you deal with an […]

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Real Family Talk: Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Does God expect me to stay married to a drug addict? My husband is one, and I’m sometimes afraid for my life and […]

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Let’s Talk About Suicide and Other Mental Issues

Melissa J. Pereau has a passion for helping people during a critical point in their lives, which is why the psychiatrist spends her […]

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Family Connections Support Teen Mental Health, Says Practitioner

Behavioral expert at Adventist healthcare institution shares some tips.

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Healing Family Gatherings

Last Christmas we had dinner at the home of a relative. To enjoy the occasion to the fullest, my wife, our children, and […]

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Family on a Mission

An Adventist family explains why they chose to serve in rural Chad.

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Discussion, Ministry Reports, and Collaborations

Day 4 of the 2018 North American Division Year-End Meeting holds discussion on voted GC document, receives reports from NAD ministries and partners.

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Rough Weather Ahead

Marriage does not solve any problems; it simply compounds them.

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