My Marriage Is Over

Real Family Talk

3 Min Read

Young Adult Tour’s Fourth Stop Engages Members in Mid-America

Message zeroes in on encouraging all generations to grow together in faith.

4 Min Read

In Korea, 75 Percent of a Local Church Completes Bible Reading Plan

Challenge becomes a driving spiritual force at Geumcheon Haneulsaem congregation.

3 Min Read

‘God Would Never Let Me Go.’

A young adult in Australia shares how the Lord led through her spiritual ups and downs.

5 Min Read

How I Became an Adventist Teacher

Teaching can be a low-paying job with long hours and hard labor. And yet …

4 Min Read

Jamaican Official Urges Adventist Churches to Protect and Prioritize Children

Protecting children is not just a responsibility but also a divine calling, she says.

3 Min Read

When We Answer the Call to Help ‘The Least of These’

Adventist Community Services keeps looking for news ways to involve church members in serving others.

4 Min Read

Maranatha Service Program for 18-28 Year Olds Successful Debuts in Peru

Collegiates are inspired and empowered while serving on a freshly rebranded trip.

4 Min Read

Hope’s Bright Light

A glimmer of hope in her heart

4 Min Read

How a Cancer Support Program Helps Families

Kettering Health has adopted the CLIMB initiative to assist patients’ kids.

5 Min Read

Emotional Health Matters

Receiving comfort to offer comfort

4 Min Read

Local Diaper Distribution Program Marks 1 Millionth Diaper Milestone

Loma Linda University Health is coordinating the initiative in San Bernardino.

2 Min Read

South America Will Ramp Up Sending Missionaries to Other World Regions

Renewed push is part of the world church initiative, Mission Refocus, leaders explained.

3 Min Read

Unshakable Faith

Life wasn’t easy

3 Min Read

A Three-Year Journey to Mission Service in Kenya

A school in the U.S. waited three years to serve abroad. It was worth the wait, they say.

6 Min Read