Protect Your Marriage

Great relationships don’t happen by chance.

4 Min Read

Program for Teenage Girls Tours Pacific

Visits mark farewell for regional Women’s Ministries leader.

2 Min Read

In the Streets, Floodwaters, Homes, Schools, and Villages

Bangladesh Adventists are making a significant difference in their communities.

4 Min Read

My Airplane Joyride

Actions always have consequences—even 25 years later!

4 Min Read

Escape on the Rooftop

The missionary adventures of Clarence C. Crisler

4 Min Read

North America Continues Year End Meetings with Ministry Reports

Strategic planning, transformational evangelism, and Sabbath School among topics

5 Min Read

Andrews University Student Receives Student Oscar Nomination

Film focuses on dynamics of autism within sisterhood

3 Min Read

“I Prayed for a Bible”

People used to tell me I would amount to nothing. Then I met Jesus.

3 Min Read

Passing on Our Faith: Teaching children our fundamental beliefs doesn’t need to be difficult.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, how do we parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles find time to talk about our faith […]

7 Min Read

If They Can’t Read the Words – Why literacy matters for the “people of the book”

We will call her Maria. She wakes well before the dawn, hearing the rush of delivery trucks and autos in her neighborhood as […]

9 Min Read

Artic Adventism: Ministry in Alaska

There are few places more remote than what lies beyond the Arctic Circle. Vast, harsh, wide-open spaces make communication difficult and transportation nearly […]

4 Min Read

God Loves the Word “Impossible”

My wife is simply impossible to live with. Every time we have a conversation about anything significant, it ends up in a fight, […]

3 Min Read

Polish Soccer Player Becomes an Accidental Evangelist Because of the Sabbath

Dariusz Ginda says he loves soccer but God even more. Editor’s note: News editor Andrew McChesney is currently traveling in Eastern Europe with […]

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